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Based on the first programmable SD-WAN platform in Africa/Middle East

In our journey towards Digital Transformation for our clients, GDX provides a platform through our Telecom partner, CMC Networks, known as CMC Rapid Adaptive Network, or C-RAN. C-RAN combines a Next Generation Software Defined-Wide Area Network (NG SD-WAN) architecture with inherent security and encryption features while ensuring the flexibility to spin up (install) and service chain (connect) Virtualized Network Functions of your choice.

This platform, the first of its kind in Africa and the Middle East, has a number of advanced SDN features including, one, it uses x86 platforms to provide a programmable uCPE that can be loaded with any certified virtual network function. And two, the routing function leverages a technology knows as Session Vector Routing (SVR) and is Session Smart, therefore enabling your network to be a “service”-centric fabric that is agile and quick to configure. The technology behind C-RAN uses a “Zero Trust” security stance through the inclusion of session metadata in each packet, which is inspected hop by hop, thereby ensuring the integrity of your data.

Even better, the use of these technologies and techniques eliminate the use of tunnels (i.e. IPSec, GRE, etc.), helping you regain the 25-30% “tax” of lost throughput/capacity used in those tunneling methods. This saves you OpEx through utilizing lower bandwidth links to achieve the same throughput (or simply more throughout for an existing speed), as well as lowered CapEx due to the flexibility of the platform and economies of scale brought to you through software-defined automation and orchestrated networks.

At the same time, we address current SD-WAN challenges, such as providing stateless failover experienced with stateful applications and voice services, as well as load sharing across dissimilar links.


also accepts Application Programming Interfaces (APIs’) from external sources subsequently enabling your sales and operational processes to be part of CMC’s process allowing fast response to all sales queries and swift resolution to operational issues.


also makes use of artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms through understanding and characterizing the status of each WAN link terminating on the router. This protocol, known as Service and Topology Exchange Protocol (STEP), makes a routing decision based on the credentials and thresholds assigned to the application, the user and the status of the destination network.

Orchestration and management of the services

are offered by best of breed applications and supported by a wide variety of popular VNF’s, ensuring Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), interoperability between network functions and the inclusion of hybrid cloud capabilities.

In summary, the C-RAN SD-WAN platform offers
the following commercial benefits:


No tunnels or overlays, no more hardware centric networking



Faster deployment, better responsiveness, dynamic optimization


Zero Trust model, Authentication + Encryption + Segmentation


Less overhead, more scalability, dynamic optimization


Reduce bandwidth and connectivity costs (no tunnels), third-party point tools, CAPEX and OPEX up to 30%



99.99% network availability in challenging countries in High Availability (HA) mode

Product Offering

Product Name Supported Items
C-RAN 4C NG SD-WAN + C-RAN Security
C-RAN 8C NG SD-WAN + C-RAN Security + 2 X VNFs
C-RAN 12+ C NG SD-WAN + C-RAN Security + n X VNFs + Public Cloud + Private Cloud

4C Offering

Variant Description Access Type Availability SLA SLA Components
Standalone C-RAN Device offering NG SD-WAN + C-RAN Security Customer Supplied 98.5% C-RAN Device Only
INET C-RAN Device offering NG SD-WAN + C-RAN Security CMC Supplied – 2 X DIA 99.2% C-RAN Device & Access
Hybrid C-RAN Device offering NG SD-WAN + C-RAN Security CMC Supplied – 1 X DIA + 1 X MPLS 99.8% C-RAN Device & Access
VPN C-RAN Device offering NG SD-WAN + C-RAN Security CMC Supplied – 2 X MPLS 99.9% C-RAN Device & Access
High Availability (HA) HA mode can be supplied by duplicating the above CMC Supplied 99.99% C-RAN Device & Access