GDX connect 

Enterprise Suite of Services

GDXconnect is a suite of enterprise centric offers that provide you with selection of SD-WAN connectivity, multi-cloud orchestration for migration of your workloads, and a virtualised desktop solution to leverage your existing hardware investment and the performance of the cloud.

leverage the power of Cloud computing and SD-WAN today!

Leveraging our SDN/NFV expertise and our telecom partners, GDXconnect will get you set up with a state-of-the-art SD-WAN network for inter-branch and cloud provider connectivity. Just let us know your sites, and GDXconnect takes care of the rest, with virtualized network functions implemented on an inexpensive uCPE platform on your premise. Select from a menu of virtualized network functions and particular telecom connectivity services, and you’re up and running quickly.

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Do you have an inventory of workstations in the form of obsolete/slow/depreciated desktops running old versions of windows, old hardware, facing a huge, expensive update cycle? GDXconnect offers a virtualized desktop service that will have your entire organization running in an up-to-date Win10 environment, with all of your desktop apps virtualized, with little incremental hardware investment required.

Use our premium cloud computing platform specifically designed to securely deliver hosted virtual desktops (HVDs), providing users secure access to their digital workspace from any device. Thin Client, Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Phone.

Are you are still running Windows XP, Windows 7? No problem. Our thin desktop application will convert any legacy Windows operating system to a maintenance-free thin client which will securely connect directly to your virtual desktop. With this cloud-based solution, you don’t need to replace your old desktops or laptops saving money, time and frustration.

Are you migrating your workloads to the cloud? Are you utilizing a combination of on-premise and off premise private/hybrid cloud solutions? GDXconnect offers an orchestration platform that will allow you to control these compute resources more efficiently and gain control of your AWS/Azure/Google cloud resources through more precise orchestration and automation of the connections and resources necessary to run your business.

Whether it’s containerization, network connectivity or simply getting control of internal resources, the multi-cloud orchestration system will help you implement a sensible, working cloud migration and control strategy.

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