Global Digital Transformation (PTY) Ltd Partners with Cloudify for Network and Cloud Orchestration


GDX Partners with Cloudify for Network and Cloud Orchestration for state of the art multi-cloud and network orchestration.

Johannesburg, South Africa – May 30, 2019 — Global Digital Transformation (PTY)Ltd, an emerging Digital Transformation consultancy with operations in South Africa, North America and Europe, announced today that the firm has entered into a key partnership with Cloudify.

GDX has integrated Cloudify into its Network automation offerings, using the platform to provide clients with end-end orchestrated services for both Virtual and Physical network functions. Typical use cases are multi-cloud orchestration, SD-WAN orchestration, Federated “Manager of Managers”, and Edge orchestration for uCPE and branch use cases. Cloudify radically simplifies end-to-end network automation through its open source, intent-based orchestration platform, which
connects to any cloud, device, or third-party automation tool.

Janine Rebelo, Co-founder and Director of GDX said, “Cloudify is a leading network and cloud orchestration platform in the industry, and we are proud to represent them. With our professional services offerings in the SDN/NFV & Cloud space, combined with the superiority and flexibility of the Cloudify platform, GDX brings a powerful offering for those that are looking to automate their networks, whether migrating workloads to a multi-cloud hybrid environment, or Telecoms looking to orchestrate, manage and service chain virtual and physical network functions across their infrastructure.”

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About GDX
GDX is a systems integrator and consultancy in the areas of Digital Transformation, network automation and SDN/NFV realization. The company, with operations in South Africa, Europe, and North America, provides specialized expertise to develop solutions that helps clients transform their businesses.

For media inquiries, please contact GDX – Global Digital Transformation (PTY), LTD.

About Cloudify
Cloudify provides universal edge orchestration that enables service providers and enterprises to automate, manage and virtually transform their network and application services from their core location to branches and multi-access edge devices. With its award-winning TOSCA-based technology, Cloudify saves enterprises and service providers cost and time while
ensuring flexibility and preventing vendor lock-in. Cloudify has headquarters in Herzliya, Israel,
and offices in the US and Europe