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Global Digital Transformation (GDX) was started in 2018 to address business challenges in an evolving Industry 4.0 economy.

Our mission is to Accelerate Business Growth through Network Transformation by automating service delivery and integrating programmable,cloud-centric networks with existing operations, we put tools in place to help combat rising operating costs while increasing the ability to scale and realise revenues quickly.

Digital Maturity Assessments
To help navigate the complexities of a digital transformation journey, GDX has certified Digital Maturity Practitioners that assess current maturity levels, identify where improvement is needed and where investment is required.
Network Transformation
SDN / NFV Network migration, service virtualization, process automation, and interoperability are critical capabilities, GDX provides transformation solutions for current-state / legacy networks and service delivery operations.
Virtual CIO/CTO Consulting
We also work with our clients in a virtual CIO/CTO role to guide thinking and provide decision support on Digital Transformation Strategy, Operations, Customer Centricity, Product Management and Digital migrations.
SDN/NFV Service Automation and Orchestration
Architecture and realisation of software-defined infrastructure using a standards and model-based approach to create NFV and intra/inter-carrier service automation.


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The Strategy, Planning, and Conceptualisation think-tank, designed to identify transformation quick wins as well as long term opportunities.

Using proven and widely adopted tools such as the TMF (TM Forum) “Digital Maturity Model (DMM), GDX works with customers to assess ‘As Is’ and ‘To be’ states of the business, and develops an incremental, measurable roadmap to full digital maturity.



One of the great things about working with GDX is that interactions and engagements from preceding phases iteratively work to feed the next step in the process.

Using the learnings from our initial “Discovery and Analysis” work, we create and deliver implementation plans for Digital Transformation imperatives. With the “triple thread” of Strategy, Architecture and Realisation competencies across our talented professionals, GDX provides customers with full spectrum support.



GDX works with you to optimize the organisation across multiple areas, with the end result being systems in place to help reduce costs, enhance operational efficiencies, and reduce time to market for new service offerings.

We have deep industry experience in delivering platforms, capabilities, and services in Telco and other complex environments


Industry Knowledge
Deep industry and subject matter experience from the point of view of digital transformation, real-life design and realisation.
Flexibility in adjusting to evolving requirements as well as identifying missing components/gaps, synthesizing/developing solutions
We use Agile Project Management to speed up development time and reduce costs while supporting ‘start to finish’ alignment and collaboration across multiple teams and stakeholders.
Strong Product Development
Strong Product Development experience with respect to competitive analysis, service offer development, market/customer segmentation, and customer experience.


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